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STATEWIDE/WEST TENNESSEE                                                                 By Susan Marlow
TN: Becoming a Model in Resiliency
The state is leading the way in resiliency efforts, thanks to HUD and the TNECD

  Two years ago, the U.S. Department of     grants for resilient housing and infra-      create a 1,200 acre park with wetlands and
Housing and Urban Development part-         structure projects to applicants that were   recreation areas in Millington, repurpos-
nered with The Rockefeller Foundation       impacted by major disasters between 2011     ing two parks in Raleigh and Frayser and
to launch a $1 billion National Disaster    and 2013. Tennessee met the criteria, and    creating greenway trails to provide flood
Resilience Competition. Funding for         thanks to diligent leadership within the     protection and connectivity to communi-
the competition is from the Community       Tennessee Department of Economic and         ties along the Wolf River, and protecting
Development Block Grant supplemental        Community Development, an applica-           and revitalizing a flood-prone community
disaster recovery appropriation provided    tion was submitted. Not only did TNECD       along South Cypress Creek in Southwest
by the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act,  apply, Shelby County did as well, after ex-  Memphis. Construction for these projects
Public Law 113-2.1 So, what does all this   periencing billions of dollars in damages    will be complete in 2021.1
mean for Tennessee? Opportunities for       after the 2011 storms. It was the damage
improvement, and a lot of them.             caused by these storms that qualified the      Shelby County Mayor, Mark H. Luttrell,
                                            area for a large grant.                      Jr., said, “This is one of the largest grants
  In May 2010, a 1,000-year storm event     Shelby County receives exciting news         ever awarded to Shelby County govern-
struck the southeastern United States,                                                   ment. It’s unique in that it will allow us to
including numerous areas in Tennessee.        As mentioned in the March/April 2016       protect neighborhoods from future flood
The state had 21 deaths, and 30 counties    issue of TPW Magazine titled, “Making        damage and give us new opportunities
were declared major disaster areas by the   Room for the River,” on January 21, HUD      to expand the greenways and recreation
Federal government.2 The following year,    announced that Shelby County will receive    areas along the Mississippi River and its
more severe flooding impacted the state,    more than $60 million in NDRC grant          tributaries.”
especially the counties in west Tennes-     funds. These funds will go towards projects  The State of Tennessee scores big
see. In 2015, when the State of Tennessee   that will enhance resiliency against future
learned it qualified to compete for NDRC    flood and other natural disaster events.       On January 21, TNECD received the
funding, it jumped at the chance. Through                                                exciting news that HUD had approved
the competition, HUD was providing            Specifically, the projects include ex-     their application and they would receive
                                            panding the floodplain along Big Creek to    $44.5 million in grant funding. This money

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