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5	 Celebrating Excellence                                              16	 Welch Wins Murphy Snoderly Award

Review the highlights of 2016. TCAPWA has so much of which to          The City of Knoxville Public Works Department announced that David
be proud and an application of these accomplishments has been          Welch has been awarded the Murphy Snoderly Award by TCAPWA
submitted for the annual PACE Award. Winners will be announced         during the 2017 TML Annual Conference in Murfreesboro.
in August at APWA’s National PWX in Orlando, Fla.
                                                                       18	 TCAPWA at TML Conference
6	 Automation Brings Benefits
                                                                       As an affiliate organization, TCAPWA was invited to participate in the
“No one has to be out in the extreme heat, extreme cold, rain and      78th Annual TML Conference held in Murfreesboro, June 10-13. In
no longer in danger of being hit by another vehicle. The work is less  addition to manning a booth in the exhibit hall, TCAPWA presented
strenuous and our workman’s comp claims have greatly decreased.”       the Murphy Snoderly Award at the Annual Awards Breakfast, and
– Mayor Paul Evans, Town of Jasper                                     assisted in providing a workshop speaker.

8	 The Changing Landscape of Stormwater                                20	 Submit TCAPWA Award Nominations
	 with Low Impact Design
                                                                       22 	TCAPWA / SWANA Annual Joint Conference
In recent years, regulations and perception have evolved to include
low impact design principles that focus on preventing concentrated     Plans are underway for the 2017 TCAPWA/SWANA Annual Joint
flows of stormwater from leaving a site and improving water quality.   Conference set for November 7-9 in Knoxville. Events include:
                                                                       Annual Golf Tournament, an Industry Tour, Equipment Rodeo,
10	 Responsible Pharmaceutical Disposal                                Vendor Exhibits, Host Branch Reception, Young Professionals Outing,
                                                                       Vendor Breakfast, Technical Sessions, Awards Luncheon, President’s
While sorting through old, unwanted, and forgotten items in the        Reception, and a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Neyland Stadium.
home, expired pharmaceuticals often emerge and cause problems.
Many individuals are unaware of the potential harm that improper       	• Attendee Registration Form
disposal of these drugs can cause. Likewise, many are unaware          	 • Exhibitor Registration Form
of the safe disposal options available to them at their local law      	 • Sponsor Info and Exhibit Hall Floorplan
enforcement facilities.
                                                                       26	 TCAPWA Events and Highlights
12	 Insight into the West Tennessee River                              	 •	 Upper East Branch Meets in Sevierville
	 Basin Authority                                                      	 •	 Middle Branch Meets in Old Hickory
                                                                       	 •	 Lower East Branch Meets in Chattanooga
The West Tennessee River Basin Authority is located on the outskirts
of Humboldt in west Tennessee. It is a State of Tennessee agency that  29	 Contributors to this Issue
has been in the business of maintaining rivers and streams of the
west Tennessee area since 1972.                                        30	 Local Government Buyers’ Guide

14	 Public Works Through the Lens                                      Cover: Kimball and Jasper, in lower east Tennessee, share
                                                                       territory where crews from each town work opposite
Intern Alex Nipper took photos and documented various projects,        sides of the same street.
events, and everyday processes that the people of Public Works
do on a daily basis in Chattanooga.

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