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TCAPWA Executive                              By Molly Gilbert
                                              Celebrating Excellence
                                                TCAPWA has so much to be proud of in 2016, and an application of these
PRESIDENT: Manny Belen                        accomplishments has been submitted for the annual PACE Award.
City Engineer, Memphis                       As a Chapter, there is much to celebrate. Here are just a few of the 2016 highlights:
(901) 576-6700                                •	 An increase of 16 new members resulted in a 103.4 percent membership growth over

PRESIDENT ELECT: Ryan McReynolds                the previous year.
Assistant City Manager, Kingsport             •	 Bo Mills, Germantown, was named APWA President Elect in August of 2016.                    •	 TCAPWA hosted the two-day Roger Clark Leadership Conference in April of 2016
(423) 229-9470
                                                with over 50 attendees from the following Chapters: Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky,
VICE-PRESIDENT: Phillip Jones                   Mid-Atlantic, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
Operations Manager, Metro Nashville           •	 In August 2016, the City of Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works became the                     first Public Works Department in the State of Tennessee to be recognized by APWA
(615) 533-2377                                  as an accredited Public Works agency.
                                              •	 Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam proclaimed May 15-21, 2016, Public Works Week.
SECRETARY: Sharon Rollins                     •	 Cities across Tennessee held special events for Public Works Week, recognizing their
Consulting Program Manager, MTAS                employees and educating their communities.                  •	 Britt Elmore, Chattanooga, completed the year-long APWA Emerging Leaders Academy.
(865) 974-0411                                •	 The Young Professionals Committee hosted several events.
                                              •	 The Annual Joint Conference held in Memphis saw a record number of attendees.
TREASURER: Kenny Wiggins
Director, Public Works & Engineering, Alcoa   2016 TENNESSEE CHAPTER MEETINGS/EVENTS
(865) 380-4800                                Date	 Meeting	                       Attendees	Topic

WEST DIR: John Fox                            02.17.16	 West Branch/Bartlett	      30+	 Modern Pavement Maintenance Strategies
Operations Assistant, Collierville                    02.24.16	 Middle Branch/Nashville	   75	 Cementitious Lining Rehabilitation of Corrugated
(901) 457-2800                                			 Metal Pipe

MIDDLE DIR: Cody Osborne                      03.17.16	 BOD Meeting	               17	 Nashville
Waste Superintendent, Metro Public Works                    03.23.16	 PWW Proclamation w/Governor	 8	 Nashville
                                              03.30.16	 Upper East Branch/Sevierville	 40+	 Trees in Public Spaces and Tree Inventories
UPPER EAST DIR: Nicholas Bradshaw
Planning & Safety Coordinator, Knoxville      04.07.16	 Young Professionals	       7	 Chattanooga Pub Tour
(865) 215-6022                                04.20.16	 Middle Branch/Nashville	   60+	 SmartFix 40 and Best Mgmt. Practices of
                                              			 Roundabout Design
LOWER EAST DIR: Justin Holland
Administrator of Public Works, Chattanooga    05.05.16	 West Branch/Collierville	  40+	 Fleet Maintenance Best Practices
(423) 643-6010; (423) 802-8422 cell           06.10.16	 Upper East Branch/Sevierville	 50+	 Knoxville Solid Waste & Single Stream Recycling
                                              			 Pilot Program
Ronnie Hammonds                               06.11.16	 TN Municipal League		 Gatlinburg: Booth and Murphy Snoderly Award
Streets & Sanitation Manager, Kingsport                06.14.16	 BOD Meeting	               12	 Gatlinburg
(423) 229-9397
                                              06.20.16	 TPWI Session 1	            26	 Maintenance Technology School
CHAPTERS ALTERNATE: Rodney Keeton             06.22.16	 Lower East Branch/Chattanooga	 50	 S. Chickamauga Greenway Project
Operations Manager, Stringfellow Chattanooga                        07.27.16	 Middle Branch/Nashville	   70+	 UltraTack: Tackless Tack / Tour of Nashville
(423) 544-3408                                			 Sounds Stadium

CHAPTER ADMINISTRATOR: Mark Miller            08.24.16	 West Branch/Memphis	       42+	 Assessing Water Lines & Water System Maintenance
Public Works Director, Pigeon Forge                 08.27.16	 APWA PWX in Minneapolis	   40+	 Attended Chapter Dinner at PWX
(865) 429-7312
                                              09.12.16	 TPWI Session 2	            18	 Public Works Supervision School
Technical Specialist, Metro Public Works      09.23.16	 Lower East Branch/Chattanooga	 40	 Diversity in the Workplace
(615) 880-1680; (615) 416-5014 cell           10.25.16	 Upper East Branch/Knoxville	 50	 PW Facility Design and Construction Case Study

TPW PUBLISHER: Klair Kimmey                   12.13.16	 Middle Branch/Nashville	   55	 Pavement Preservation with Pavement Technology Inc.
P.O. Box 52503, Knoxville, TN 37950                       11.08.16	 BOD Meeting	               16	 Memphis
(865) 288-0815
                                              11.08.16	 TCAPWA/SWANA Conference	 350	 Memphis

                                              12.05.16	 TPWI Session 3	            12	 Fleet Management School

                                              12.08.16	 BOD Meeting	               9	 Murfreesboro	

                                              	Total	                              1,147+

                                                During APWA’s National PWX in Orlando, Fla., the PACE Award winners will be
                                              announced. The Orange County Convention Center will be packed with 80,000 square
                                              feet of world-class equipment, products and service providers from Aug. 27 to 30. With
                                              nearly 7,000 attendees from all across North America, this event offers educational
                                              sessions, networking opportunities and better visibility for great products to be
                                              showcased. Hope to see you there!

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