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November/December 2017 • Vol. 35 No. 5

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5 	 A Lot to be Proud of at PWX                                         19	 PW Professionals Meet to Share Ideas

6	 Tennessee Chapter Well Represented at PWX                            This group of West Tennessee Public Works Professionals
                                                                        gathers for breakfast about every three months to share issues
Public Works professionals from across the state attended PWX           going on in and around Shelby County.
in Orlando in August, for the trade show, Roadeo, Education
Sessions, and networking opportunities. Mostly, they were there         21	 Q&A: Public Works in Tennessee
to celebrate Bo Mills’ inauguration as the new APWA President.
                                                                        Members of the Middle and Upper East Branches share what
8	 Knoxville’s Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project                       parts of their jobs bring the most satisfaction and what they wish
                                                                        the public better understood about Public Works.
The 28-month top-to-bottom reconstruction of Cumberland
Avenue in Knoxville was completed on time and within budget.            23	 National APWA Adopts Public Policy Priorities
Cumberland Avenue between 17th and Alcoa Highway has now
been transformed into a safer, more pedestrian-friendly corridor.       In order to garner strong backing for Public Works, it is
                                                                        imperative that elected officials, policymakers, and citizens are
11	 Knoxville: Becoming a City                                          properly informed about how Public Works delivers the quality
                                                                        essential services necessary to healthy, thriving communities.
History often seems to be about troop movements and legal
documents. However, it’s usually not generals or presidents who         24	 Alternative Pavement Designs
make the difference. What separates a city from a campsite is, in
large part, Public Works.                                               Impervious surfaces cause rainwater to immediately runoff
                                                                        instead of being absorbed by the ground. Build a greener, more
12	 TDEC Disaster Debris Management Plan                                environmentally-conscious yard by using one of these alternative
                                                                        pavement designs for your next landscaping projects.
As of April 1, 31 Tennessee counties indicated that they do not
have a DDMP. TDEC plans to implement the use of this template           26 	Environmental Successes in Past Governor’s
in Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 in order to help these counties            Environmental Stewardship Awards Nominations
develop a DDMP and come into compliance with statute.
                                                                        The Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards application
14	 Funding Your Stormwater Program:                                    process will open early this year in the hope of seeing a record
	 When is a Stormwater Utility Right for You?                           high number of nominations. Several incredible nominations
                                                                        from last year include projects by Middle Tennessee Electric
A dedicated revenue stream is critical to fund the proper               Membership Corporation, the Knoxville Utilities Board, and
planning and preventative maintenance required to extend the            DENSO Manufacturing of Athens.
life of current infrastructure, to renew failing infrastructure and to
keep pace with regulatory requirements.                                 28	 Middle Branch Meets in Nashville

16	 Developing Markets for Tennessee Scrap Tires                        29	 Contributors to this Issue
                                                                        30	 Local Government Buyers’ Guide
A discussion about developing markets for scrap tires in
Tennessee begins with getting scrap tires to the processing             Cover: Anthony German, from Germantown, placed third in the
facilities. Tennessee makes each county responsible for the             National Equipment Roadeo at PWX in August.
beneficial end use of scrap tires generated in their county.

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